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It all started for me when I was at the young and ambitious age of 19. I didn’t necessarily know I was destined to be a hairdresser. But I was intrigued. After a tour of a South Austin beauty school, I was hooked. Upon graduating in 2011, I spent three years in a well-established salon in New Braunfels that had an incredible, intense training program.


Assisting the top stylists, observing their craft, while also working to perfect my own skills. Wanting to take on more, I moved to Austin in 2014 to dedicate myself to my passion. I used the next salon I worked in to create a clientele for myself, focusing on a high-quality full service that is hard to come by.


It was then that I realized how much my hard work was paying off, so I decided after three years there to move into a salon that offered booth rental. This was in order for me to be authentically myself and take control of the business I have always dreamed of. A space where clients came to see me and what I had to offer without interruptions.


Through the years here, is where I realized my true worth. No salon would ever be my “dream salon” unless I created it myself. So I had a crazy idea to rent a space in a salon studio building. In March 2021, I made the plunge and never looked back. I’ve looked at each one of these phases of my career as a stepping stone to get where I am meant to be. Still climbing and bettering myself as a hairdresser and business owner. The beauty industry continues to blow me away with all it has to offer. And I still get butterflies every time I learn something new. Having a space of my own where I make the rules and set the tone has been an absolute game-changer. It’s given me the confidence I should have had all along and allowed me to provide and best possible service to my guests.

"My goal is to create an environment of relaxation and beauty using sustainable sources, provided by professionals driven by compassion and passion. Delivering a service above the rest that includes education, a personable experience, and the confidence to do great things"

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